Our signature natural and organic essential oil based serum is meticulously formulated to regenerate hair follicles; soothe, moisturize, and hydrate dry irritated skin; and stimulate healthy hair growth.



ADONI MMVII Beard Growth Serum "Island Fusion"

  • After washing beard, rub desired amout between hand or apply directly and massage into beard and roots. Use ADONI MMVII Beard and Body Butter for further conditioning. 

  • WARNING: Contains tree nut oils, if you have a known nut allergy we advise that you do not use this product. If a reaction occurs stop using this product immediately and seek medical attention/advice.

    Contains essential oils, always patch test before using properly, if any irritation or inflammation occurs discontinue use. Whilst essential oils are safe and natural they can still irritate super sensitive skin or those with conditions. If there is an essential oil listed above that you are aware you have an allergy to then we recommend that you avoid this product.